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  Lv Class   Name / Title  Race 

[ Immortal ] Sammy updates the 0169NEWS (other)
[ Immortal ] Ivy says vote for us on mudconnect and topmudsites (other)
[ Immortal ] Dionysus god of whine (other)
[ 72Paladin ] Winterhart the handsy (half-elf)
[ 66Barbarian ] Turod the one whose title does not fit (troglodyte)
[ 50Fire Wizard ] Dajjal the Fire-starter (half-elf)
[ 47Templar ] Ingrid the Holy One (human)
[ 47Barbarian ] Riffe the Huntsmaster (troglodyte)
[ 45Demoniac ] Krain the 4th Order Assassin (troll)
[ 45Monk ] Confucious the Master of Spring (pixie)
[ 12Rogue ] Groot the Magsman (human)
[ 1Mage ] Xadu the Apprentice of Magic (giant)

12 players, none of which are nobles.