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The fighter is a skilled fighter on the battlefield, master of weaponry, warfare, and tactics, as well as feats of great physical strength and endurance. This class encompasses a wide variety of fighters; from barbarians of the plains, to deadly mercenaries, to common foot soldiers. The fighter shuns all study of magics, and their knowledge of healing is limited to crude battlefield bandaging. They can use nearly all weapons and armour, have the best endurance (hit points), and can dish out the most damage in a fight.

Prime Requisites: Strength, Constitution

Specialization Options

Fighter is the base class. Upon reaching level 10+ they can specialize into a Barbarian, Dreadlord, Paladin, Ranger, or Valkyrie.

Spells and Skills
Level 1 : kick
Level 1 : critical hits
Level 2 : bash
Level 4 : swim
Level 5 : parry
Level 6 : ride
Level 7 : climb
Level 10 : multi attack
Level 10 : armor use
Level 10 : blunt weapons
Level 10 : edged weapons
Level 10 : ranged weapons
Level 10 : combination attacks
Level 11 : orienteering
Level 11 : combination attacks
Level 12 : blind fighting
Level 15 : rescue
Level 20 : hunt
Level 22 : disarm
Level 26 : dual wield
Level 30 : forage
Level 31 : lore
Level 31 : wrangling
Level 34 : retarget
Level 42 : charge
Level 47 : barge
Level 50 : building

The Fighter Guild

The Fighter Guild is 2s 2e 2s from the temple of Midgaard.

You may learn new skills and spells while in the guild by typing practice or level up by typing gain.