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Midgaard Stock Exchange

There are several commodities in which players may invest to try to earn some quick money. To this end, the Midgaard Stock Exchange is conveniently located just west of the Midgaard bank.

Due to industry regulation, players may only purchase a maximum of 20000 shares of any given stock. Stocks will occasionally pay out dividends to their shareholders.

If a stock exceeds the maximum price for the commodity it will split and double the player's shares, pay a big dividend, and reset to a lower price. If a stock bottoms out to zero then you will lose all of your shares in that commodity and receive nothing in return.

The shares command will show your current holdings. All market info is relayed on the Market channel. If you choose to invest, be sure to toggle market so as to be alerted to the occasional change in stock price.

Note: Caveat emptor! Buy and sell at your own risk. If you camp, rent, or save (or Kallisti crashes or otherwise reboots), your stocks will automatically be sold back at the current going rate. Individual stocks will not save through leaving the game (we're working on it!) and are nontransferable.