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Remort Characters

What if you could access a skill or few from other classes? Wear gear that ordinarily belongs to other classes? Detect secret exits like a Rogue but with your Prophet? All that and you really just want to focus on one primary character rather than creating multiple others? (re)Enter the Remort!

At level 75 (or after), you can choose to REMORT. This means you reset to level 1 and challenge the world all over again, but this time you'll have additional knowledge and abilities that you didn't have the first time. You can even do it multiple times, choosing the same or different classes each time.

You're probably wondering what you do and do not keep from your prior life. If not, just stop reading, but if yes, let's start with stats (dexterity, wisdom, etc.). These get rerolled based on your new class, but you'll keep your prior MAX stats and you can meta back up to those former maxes. If you feel your old max stats aren't suitable for your new life, or maybe you just decide to sell out smarts for strength - no judgement!, you get 10 REMAXSTAT sessions that let you exchange a max point from one stat with another. You can only spend these at level 1. Since remorts keep all their "maxstat" sessions, they don't get extra ones when they gain levels. Finally, you won't lose stats in excess of maximums when you die (edge case, but useful to know) like non-remort characters can.

Next is your sizeable investment in hp, mana, and stamina (HMS). This is socked away when you remort and you gradually regain this HMS as you gain levels after 50 on your second and subsequent laps for a class. Example, you will regain your max Wizard HMS when you run a Wizard class again in the future as you gain from level 51 to your former max Wizard level. Same for other classes your run more than once. Note, your HMS won't be exactly the same once attaining your former max level in any particular class because your good (or bad) luck rolling HMS gains per level will likely cause your HMS to vary a little. The FIRST time you run a new class, you will need to meta as normal.

One piece of good news is that there are no hero point (and therefore meta) requirements for gaining levels on your second and subsequent laps in any particular class as a remort. You actually can't meta HMS at all until you get back to your former max level (or max HMS, whichever comes first) in a class.

When remorting, you will "lock" a skill from your current class and you will keep this ability forever - even through future remort adventures in other classes. Lockable skills show up on the SKILLS list as {locked}. Type LOCKSKILL alone to see a concise list of just your locked skills. All unlocked skills will be reset to whatever rank your new class gets the skill (typically 0 for most things, but maybe rank 1 for something like ARMOR USE depending on your new class). Any quest points you spent to buy a rank over max rank will automatically be reimbursed to you.

If you decide you really can't stand your choice of class, there's a REBORT option to revert back to your original class. You'll be level 1 but at least you can stop being what you currently are that you don't like.

A kind NPC, cleverly named Reginald Edgar Morting (R.E. Morty for short), in North Midgaard can facilitate some of the above transactions (like REMAXSTAT, REBORT, etc.).